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September 15, 2017

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Times Square’s Iconic Signs Go Gold to Shine Light on Pediatric Cancer Awareness for Fourth Annual Event Presented by the Times Square Advertising Coalition

Dozens of families affected by Pediatric Cancer from around the country came together in the Crossroads of The World along with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center



New York, NY— September 15, 2017 — In honor of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) held their fourth annual rally on Thursday, September 14th  to unveil the iconic digital screens in Times Square simultaneously illuminated in gold with a message about childhood cancer awareness. TSAC leadership and was joined by families affected by pediatric cancer, some of which flew in from other states in order to be a part of this monumental event. Participating signs included digital billboards owned and operated by: Clear Channel Spectacolor, City Outdoor and Silvercast.


Andrew L. Kung, MD, PhD, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center addressed the crowd to talk about the importance of ongoing efforts in pediatric cancer research.  Vito Sperduto, Managing Director and Head of US Mergers & Acquisitions at RBC Capital Markets as well as Diane Hicks, Vice President of Sales & Merchandising at Stop & Shop Supermarket Company spoke about their companies’ corporate commitments to raising funds for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center As a yearly tradition, Party City handed out gold beads, boas, hats and other gold swag to help TSAC turn Times Square into a sea of gold.  Campaigns like these are crucial raising awareness as only four percent of the National Cancer Institute’s budget is dedicated to researching childhood cancers.


“Tonight, I’m honored to be able to use the most sought-after and recognized advertising space in the world to spread the word about childhood cancer. This is the fourth year we have turned the Crossroads of the World gold, and I hope that we can continue to make a profound impact and get one step closer to finding a cure,” said Harry Coghlan, Chairman of the Times Square Advertising Coalition.

“There is no better platform to spread a message about an important cause like pediatric cancer awareness,” said Fred Rosenberg, President of the Times Square Advertising Coalition.   “On behalf of TSAC, I am proud that the members of our organization have once again donated time on their vibrant, digital signs to support such a worthy cause.”

 “Go gold for pediatric cancer is a great way to bring continuing awareness to this deadly disease.  Sadly, childhood cancer is still the number one killer of children. Pediatric cancer has affected so many lives and researchers continue to work tirelessly in search of a cure. Thankfully, with the support of so many organizations, medical professionals and financial support great advances have been made to treat various pediatric cancers. Special thanks to the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) for organizing this annual event to support children and their families as they fight against this illness. I am confident that through awareness, research and sufficient funding we will soon have a cure. I pray that someday our children will no longer have to suffer and are giving the opportunity to live long, healthy and happy lives, said Senator Martin J.Golden.

 “For the fourth year in a row, we are thrilled by the Times Square Advertising Coalition’s decision to ‘Go Gold' for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month,” said Andrew L. Kung, MD, PhD, Chair of MSK’s Department of Pediatrics. “To face cancer at any age takes tremendous courage, but for children — who have their whole lives still ahead of them — even more so. With millions of eyes on Times Square at any given moment, we hope that tonight’s spotlight on pediatric cancer will help raise awareness for our youngest patients and continue our efforts to return them to healthier, vibrant lives.” 

"Two years post cancer treatment our daughter Sally is experiencing chemo-caused epilepsy, a weakened immune system and hampered cognitive and physical development. By lighting gold tonight, we're honored that the Crossroads of the World stands with cancer parents in calling for additional research into more humane treatment options for our children,” said Matthew Kabel, father of Sally Sunshine.


"The driving force to get people to Go Gold is not just a fad or a one month initiative. When people see a pink ribbon, they know instantly that it is for breast cancer awareness. The more awareness there is about breast cancer, the more research and drug protocols are made.  But people do not know how little money goes to children with cancer.  Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for children, but it is barely funded by the government.  Our hope is that with the push to Go Gold, it will increase awareness and funds for children's cancer research. Less than 30 years ago, Leukemia had a 90% mortality rate. Through increased research, those odds are now flipped and the survivor percentage has now gone up to about 85%, but so many children do not have the same odds as Leukemia.  Families with children who have cancer and corporate fundraisers are the driving force for research funds.  We need to do better; our kids need more!  Our hope is that events like Times Square Go Gold will get our kids the treatments they deserve!" said Nissa Varghese, mother of Jonathan who is a cancer survivor.

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Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) is a trade association comprised of major advertisers, retailers, real estate firms, media companies and other businesses involved in the outdoor sign industry in Times Square, along with organizations representing Broadway and the community.   Members of TSAC include:  ABC National TV Sales, Branded Cities Network, Clear Channel Spectacolor, Daktronics, Digital Domination, Lamar Outdoor Advertising, Landmark Signs, Metromedia Technologies Inc., Newmark Knight Frank, North Shore Neon Sign Co. Inc., Sherwood Equities Inc., SL Green Realty Corp, Times Square Alliance, Titan Outdoor, Walgreens Company, Activate The Space and Sansi www.timessquareadcoalition.org.