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Dozens of Veterans, Active Duty Military and Decorated Generals Unite for a Public Viewing of Tribute Video “Just a Common Soldier” on Times Square’s Iconic Digital Billboards
              Hosted by the Times Square Advertising Coalition and Tony Lo Bianco


Photos by: David Handschuh.  Additional photos available here. 

New York, NY — May 23, 2017 – To kick off Fleet Week and in advance of Memorial Day, today actor and producer Tony Lo Bianco and the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) hosted a special event to pay tribute to the over 21 million living veterans who have served the U.S.A and those who lost their lives while serving.  They were joined by dozens of veterans, active duty military and other dignitaries in Times Square’s Duffy Square for a presentation and special public viewing of “Just a Common Soldier," a national tribute video for those who serve and have served, which was showcased on a Times Square digital billboard operated by Clear Channel Outdoor. 

The event also featured remarks by the producer of the Emmy Award winning video, “Just a Common Soldier,” Tony Lo Bianco and the Chairman of the Times Square Advertising Coalition, Harry Coghlan.  Prior to the remarks, renowned tenor Daniel Rodriguez sang “Into the Fire.” Remarks were also given by Stephen Clouse, the lead producer of Just a Common Soldier; Kenneth Fisher, Chairman of the Fisher House Foundation; and Angelo Monaco, veteran and recipient of 2 Bronze Stars and 3 Purple Heart Awards.


The tribute video featured Tony Lo Bianco, delivering a poem by A. Lawrence Vaincourt entitled, “Just a Common Soldier,” also known as “A Soldier Died Today.” Written in 1987, on July 4th 2008, it was carved into a marble monument at West Point, New York. This video was not designed to solicit any donationsÍž it was created solely by Stephen Clouse and Tony Lo Bianco to give thanks. Since releasing it on Memorial Day 2015, it has received over 20.4 million views. The campaign exists with the goal of achieving 21 millions likes, shares, and views, to represent every living veteran in America.


I am honored to stand here and give my gratitude to the active military members, veterans and decorated generals that have joined us on this very special day for a commemorative viewing of ‘Just a Common Soldier.’  In the spirit of Memorial Day, a holiday which honors the men and women who gave their lives to the U.S. military, I am delighted to help share this moving message in the Crossroads of the World,” said Harry Coghlan President and General Manager of Clear Channel Outdoor New York and Chairman of the Times Square Advertising Coalition. 

“I would like to give a warm thank you to everyone who made this event today possible, and to Harry Coghlan, Chairman of the Times Square Advertising Coalition, for donating screen time,” said Tony Lo Bianco, actor and producer of “Just a Common Soldier.”  “This Emmy Award winning video is based on the poem "A Soldier Died Today" which was written to honor veterans' work on the battlefield. It is engraved in stone at West Point, and my version of this video has now been seen by 20,400,000 people.  I am delighted to stand here with all of you today including active military members and veterans to give a moment of silence and to thank you for all of the work that you do.”


“This timely video is a moving tribute to the men and women who have valiantly served our country, incorporating poignant images of military service members in action on the battlefield and documenting their experiences as veterans tackling life beyond the uniform.  Witnessing Tony Lo Bianco's presentation on an iconic screen in Times Square reminded me of why I'm so proud to be a Veteran serving in New York City as well as an American joined in solidarity with fellow citizens throughout the nation and around the world. We're all in this together... Thank you for YOUR service!" said Ret. Brig Gen. Loree Sutton, currently New York City's first Commissioner of the newly created Department of Veterans' Services. 


“With Memorial Day fast approaching, this video reminds us of the true cost of freedom, as well as service and sacrifice made every day by those who wear or have worn our nation’s uniform.  Everyone should see this video,” said Kenneth Fisher, Chairman of the Fisher House Foundation.


“We produced this video to honor the men and women of the armed forces; each of which has given so much for our liberty and way of life.  So often we forget the sacrifices of airmen, sailors, soldiers and marines that have paid the price to keep us free. We must NEVER forget them,” said Stephen Clouse, lead producer of Just a Common Soldier. 


“I am proud to have served my country in its time of need.  My only regret is that we lost so many of our fellow soldiers during this time but we all knew what our chances of surviving were...some of us were luckier than others. I thank God I made it home,” said Angelo Monaco, veteran and recipient of 2 Bronze Stars and 3 Purple Heart Awards.



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