5 Online Tools to Increase Browser Productivity

Waiting for a web page to load is the most intimidating experience. When surfing the internet, we expect our browsers to load pages quickly, stream videos at a faster speed, and download files without any delay. But technology has brought this to a higher notch. Browsers are affected by both internal and external factors, which may affect the browser speed.

We have listed down some of the most important tools for you:

1.  VeePN

VeepN is among the best Firefox addons which makes it more efficient. Get the Mozilla VPN download for free to get the best services. With helpful tools to withstand the highly competitive technology, it has an internal ad blocker that eliminates all ads. This feature makes the browser use less ram, making it respond faster. This makes your browser run faster, even when opening multiple tabs. It is also beneficial because you won’t need to close tabs or quit apps to maintain your browser speed. Also, VeePN extension Firefox gives you advanced security when you are accessing the web on any browser and is the best feature to protect your device and increase the speed simultaneously. A VeePN gives you enough freedom according to your preference; whether you are using Mozilla or Chrome, it will serve you well.


2.  Clockify

Clockify works almost similarly to Toggl and is among the most productive tools with its chrome extension, bringing a great difference to your web browser. If you are a kind that works for 25 minutes followed by a five minute, you will feel great to know that Clokify comes with the Pomodoro app, which supports this, and you can activate it via the chrome extension. Among the most interesting features of this extension is that you can start or stop the timer from any location and time without needing the shortcuts Cmd+Shift+U on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+U on Windows or Dropbox — a file hosting service.

3.  Dropbox

Dropbox is among the most effective tools for data storage. If you have been looking for a tool that will serve you, we recommend Dropbox as the best app.

This app secures your data in one place. It enables you to upload all the files you find important. You can access these files from anywhere whenever you want them.

The Dropbox app has an option where you can share your files with teams efficiently. Since there are other features like password protection and download permission, you will feel secure, and no files will get lost at any time. On the other hand, you can recover your deleted files and protect them from harmful viruses and other malware.

4.  Hootsuite — social media manager

If you manage multiple social media accounts yourself, then Hootsuite is your best tool.

With this tool, you can simultaneously update your posts on multiple social media accounts using a bulk composer. Using this app, you can edit your posts until they have been drafted well before publishing them.

Hootsuite also makes it possible to follow up on all the social media posts related to your relevant topics and make campaign ads.

5.  Dynalist — checklist creator

Dynalist is a tool that enables you to create listings. Once you craft your lists, you can use them as checklists of the work you are currently working on them. It also helps you create sticky notes and add them to your list the way you want, considering the due dates. You can classify all your items by color, coding, tag, and cross-linking them.


6.  Freedom – distractions blocker

Are you the type that is usually affected by procrastination? Procrastination can waste much of your productive time, but Freedom can save you from this challenge. This app will minimize the time wasted on the phone and other time-consuming websites.

This app supports Mac, Ios, Android, Windows, and Chrome and syncs all the settings across your devices. Depending on Firefox preference, it allows you to block the whole website and apps, automatically make a list of blocked items, and schedule blocks of destructive content.

This productive app can also let you block the entire internet to protect you from destructive social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other related social media platforms.


How can I increase my Firefox speed?

Ensure that your Firefox browser is updated and configured to the latest settings.

How do I make Firefox smoother?

Free up your memory and clear cookies, cache, and memory to make Firefox more efficient.

How do I make Firefox faster than Chrome?

For maximum performance, toggle hardware acceleration.


VeePN is the most efficient feature that would speed up Firefox browsers. Its built-in ad blocker blocks unnecessary ads, clearing your RAM to increase browsing speeds. These are some of the best browser extensions to make your work more effective and increase efficiency. We hope this blog will help you find the best tools to help you work efficiently on browsers.

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