A new vendor recently created a catalog of products in Vendor Central. They reviewed Amazon’s recommendations and ensured that the main components of the detail page are optimized such as the title, main image, and description. What else should they consider to ensure the product detail page is fully optimized?

(A) They should consider adding content such as magazine-style descriptions and a feature comparison. They should also leverage Amazon’s Vine program to ensure they have at least 15 customer product reviews.

(B) They should view their operational performance report to view policy violations, charge backs, and tips for how to avoid them.

(C) They should visit the settings tab on the navigation bar to ensure areas of their account are completed properly.

(D) Nothing. They’ve taken all the necessary steps to flush out the details of the product page.


In addition to optimizing product titles, descriptions, and images, they can also utilize enhanced detail pages and the Amazon Vine program.


This question is a part of the How to promote products in Vendor Central chapter from Get to know Vendor Central lesson unit. You can find all the answers asked in this exam on our Get to know Vendor Central Answers page.

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