A single branch of Simpson Shoes has been operating since 1917. As they consider moving into online marketing, the owner, Bert Simpson, wants to focus on a specific, potential customer type. Which potential customer would benefit from Simpson Shoes running a Local Inventory ad?

(A) Paul, who’s looking for the cheapest pair of shoes regardless of location or discounts, because they’ll be used for gardening.

(B) Brandon, who does an online search for men’s shoes near the Simpson Shoes store because he needs a pair of dress shoes for an event this evening.

(C) Marty, who often takes weeks to decide on a purchase and decides where to buy her shoes based on which coupons are available.

(D) Jenna, who wants to purchase a pair of shoes from her hometown Simpson Shoes store while studying abroad.


This question is a part of the Shopping Ads Certification Assessment exam. You can find all the answers to this exam in our Shopping Ads Certification Assessment Answers page.

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