A user sees one of your Campaign Manager ads. The next day, the user navigates to your site through an email campaign. How would their session be reported in the Campaign Manager > Campaigns report?

(A) Click-Through Session

(B) View-Through Session

(C) A Click-Through Session and a View-Through Session

(D) The session wouldn’t be reported in Campaign Manager > Campaigns report


Their session would be reported as View-Through Session because the Campaign Manager model attributes Analytics sessions to Campaign Manager campaigns by considering Campaign Manager only and ignoring all other channels driving traffic to the website. Since the user first viewed the Campaign manager ad and then returned through email, the session will be attributed to the Campaign Manager campaigns as View-Through session.


This question is a part of the Assessment 3 exam of Getting Started with Google Analytics 360. You can find all the answers to this exam in our Getting Started with Google Analytics 360 Assessment Answers page.

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