A YouTube advertiser is looking to drive direct response objectives. Reyna, a YouTube Googler, explains that YouTube for action combines formats powered by Smart Bidding with intent-rich audiences and measurement capabilities that can help turn engagement on YouTube into the actions that matter most. What actions does YouTube drive for advertisers?

(A) YouTube drives action based on bounce rates, return visits, scanned items, and cookie delivery.

(B) YouTube drives actions focused on apps, website activity, lead generation, and offline store visits.

(C) YouTube drives actions focused on upselling, reselling, barter dealing, and price-matching sales.

(D) YouTube drives action based on the time of visit, page views, downloads, and IP address lookups.


This question is a part of the Google Ads Video Certification exam. You can find all the answers for this exam in our Google Ads Video Certification Assessment Answers page.

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