About Us

The Times Square Ad Coalition website is dedicated to providing 100% correct answers to all the digital marketing certification exams on the Internet. We strive on providing a detailed explanation along with the answers.

Other websites only provide answers to these questions but we are different in this aspect. We provide a detailed explanation of all the answers. Our main goal is to help you learn about the course and not just clear it for the certificate.

About the new domain ownership

This domain was owned by an advertising company based out of Times Square, New York. They provided very expensive advertising solutions to companies in the New York area. They didn’t have a great time in this industry and had to shut down their business. This meant they ended up not renewing the domain.

Now, the domain ownership has changed and we rebranded the site to provide solutions to digital marketing and advertising certification exams. We get some people asking about the previous business but this website doesn’t have anything to do with them.

How did we get this domain?

We acquired this domain for a premium price from a Domain Auction. The previous owner didn’t renew the domain and this domain was auctioned for buyers. We purchased the domain and renewed it.

This Website is no longer connected or affiliated to the previous owners in any form.

Our Main Mission at TSAC

The main aim of this website is to provide 100% correct answers with in-depth explanations of all the digital marketing and advertising certification exams. We put a lot of effort in helping you understand the concept behind an answer to a question.

If you properly grasp the concepts then you can answer any question related to the topic asked. Simply getting a certification may land you in some trouble during job interviews but if you have the concept then you can answer any question.

We provide solutions to all the digital marketing certification exams on the Internet and update it frequently with all the latest questions so that you don’t miss out on any of them.

You can contact us at admin@timessquareadcoalition.org

If you have any queries or business enquiries then feel free to contact us using our Contact page.