Accent Athletics analyzed performance for their Sponsored Products campaign for yoga apparel and realized that they are running out of budget every day. If they cannot increase their budget, what alternative action(s) would be appropriate? (Select 2)

(A) pause the campaign since it can’t run through the day

(B) decrease bids on under performing key words

(C) remove low performing key words

(D) increase bids on under performing key words


The best way to spend your budget on your budget wisely without running out of budget every time is to determine which keywords are low performing and which are under performing.

Low performing keywords don’t get you conversions so it is better to remove them from your campaign. Under performing keywords give you conversions but you tend to spend a lot of ad revenue on them and the return is comparatively low.

So, it’s better to decrease your bids on those keywords and this will help you to retain your budget which you can spend on high performing keywords.


This question is a part of the Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam on our Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment Answers page.

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