Advertising with Google Ads starts with creating campaigns based on your business objectives. Which campaign type would you pick for each of the following scenarios?

The correct matches are mentioned below.

These ads show up next to Google search results and on other Google partner sites, like YouTube, when people search for products or services you offer – Search

 These ads drive engagement, app installs, and in-app purchases. They appear across the Google Search and Display Networks, as well as on Google Play and YouTube – Universal App

 These ads promote your products by giving users detailed information about what you’re selling. They appear on Google Shopping and next to search results – Shopping

 These ads appear on their own or within other streaming video content on YouTube and across the Google Display Network – Video


This question is a part of the Google Ads Search Certification Knowledge Check Assessment. You can find all the answers to this exam in our Google Ads Search Certification Knowledge Check Assessment Answers page.

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