After reviewing the metrics of a Sponsored Products campaign, Jorge identified that the ACOS for many products was much higher than the category average. What action(s) could he take to address this? Select All Correct Responses.

(A) advertise the best sellers in their product catalog

(B) neither of these

(C) remove the underperforming ASINs from their campaign


Jorge can lower their overall ACOS for their campaign by identifying the ASINs that have high ACOS and low ROAS as well as the best selling products in their product catalog.

They can remove these underperforming ASINs from their campaign and this will lower their ACOS. They can then advertise only their best selling products from their product catalog.


This question is a part of the Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam on our Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification Assessment Answers page.

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