Alex is a mechanic who owns a small garage. He’s also a keen blogger, and writes great posts about his passion: cars! He thought his blog would attract more car lovers to his garage, but so far his blog posts are not very popular and are rarely shared on social media. He has researched how to improve the blog and now has a number of actions he can take, but is unsure which should come first. Can you help him by arranging the following actions into the correct order?

The correct order for his actions should be:

(1) Find out who his audience is

(2) Segment his audience into groups

(3) Create specific content targeted to these audience profiles

(4) Publish the content and promote it to his audience


The first thing he should do is find out his ideal audience using Market research tools. The next thing to do is segment his audience into specific groups that he can target with his content. Next, he should create specific content for each of his audience segments that are designed to attract views from only that segment. Lastly, he should publish the content for each of his segments and finally promote them to the different audience segments.


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