All You Need To Know About Website Development

Technology has advanced a lot in the past few years. All the technical gadgets and updates have made people’s lives easier and better, from smartphones to smart TVs, video calls, online banking and classes. These are some examples of how technological advances have helped everyone.

In the same way, website development has gained attention as well. It is the process of developing and creating a website for a company or an organization so that it attracts more customers and helps expand that company.

Edge marketing’s website development team creates unique websites and does everything required for a business’s growth. The functionality and features of a website make it attractive, and the company’s services are displayed well. If you wish to learn more about website development, keep reading this article.

Website Development: Explanation

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The programming and construction of a website are known as website development. It covers all the tasks connected with building, creating and maintaining all the websites and applications available on a browser. It can also include web programming, design and database management.

All the web pages you have visited or used in so many years are developed by a web developer or a team of developers. Their main work is to ensure that those sites function correctly and perform so well that the user leaves with a great experience and an impression on their mind. These sites are created with the help of specific programming languages. These languages differ depending on the work they are doing and the platforms.

Types Of Web Development

There are three types of web development, and these are:

Front-End Development

This kind of development includes web development on the “client-facing” side. It refers to that side of the site or app that the user will interact with. Therefore, a front-end developer has to make the products look good and give the “feels.” It is the reason they are also known as web designers.

These developers put their attention on the translation of web design and all the ideas into code. The developers grab design ideas offered by all the other team members and then put them into reality. They act like a bridge between technology and design. Edge marketing’s website development team is well-known for their work in this field, and they construct unique websites when it comes to growth, transparency and acquiring real productive outcomes.

Front-end developers typically need a good knowledge of programming languages ​​such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML and frameworks like Bootstrap, Backbone, React, AngularJS etc. A front-end developer’s responsibilities include building a responsive website (that looks and works great on any device), running website tests, fixing bugs discovered during the process and ensuring that the site structure is the best for SEO.

Back-End Development

A front-end developer is responsible for the look and feel of a digital product, while a back-end developer focuses on how it works. They have to create and maintain a framework to ensure your website works appropriately, which includes database interactions, servers, user authentication, hosting configuration and more.

Back-end developers work behind the scenes (server side), dealing with the structures and systems that make a computer application work as intended. The primary responsibility of the back-end developer is to check the website’s functioning, such as responsiveness and speed.

Full-Stack Development

A full-stack developer is someone who knows both front-end and back-end development. Full-stack developers typically understand a diversity of programming languages, and their versatility makes them more likely to provide a lead on projects than specialist developers. They are generalists, can wear both hats and are comfortable with all levels of development.

Employers want to hire full-stack developers, according to Indeed research. Developers who practice in back-end and front-end are often baffled by the idea that someone can do both in the same way.


Web development is exciting but responsible work, and one has to be aware of what they are doing and ensure that everything works smoothly on the website. Being a developer, it is essential to keep in mind that you have to give the user an incredible, unforgettable experience so that it leaves an impression on their mind

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