An advertising executive takes over a Google Search ads campaign. On his Google Ads Recommendations page he notes that the campaign’s optimization score is 40%. What does this score indicate? (Type 2)

(A) 40% of the revenue she allocates to her campaign is being used in the wrong areas.

(B) The campaign is running 40% over budget.

(C) The campaign score has 60% headroom to improve.

(D) The campaign is 60% less optimal than other company campaigns.


If the campaign’s optimization score is 40% then it means the campaign has 60% headroom to improve. The campaign could be improved by 60% if the listed recommendations are followed.

Optimization score estimates how well your Search campaigns are set to perform. Along with your score, you’ll see a list of optimization recommendations for increasing campaign performance and improving your score.


This question is a part of the Google Ads Search Certification exam. You can find answers to all the questions asked in this exam in our Google Ads Search Certification Exam Answers page.

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