Android devices with an implementation of the Keymaster HAL that resides in a hardware security module use true random number generators (TRNG). What is one of the advantages TRNG has over pseudo-random number generators (PRNG)?

(A) TRNGs uses strong mathematical functions to secure key generation.

(B) TRNGs are better because they use external sources of information for entropy, such as electrical circuit noise.

(C) Pseudo-random number generators are actually the best, but too expensive to put in mobile devices.

(D) TRNGs are more efficient and use less battery power. This can help extend battery life considerably.


A true random number generator uses external sources for entropy such as electronic circuit noise. Pseudorandom number generators use mathematical functions and thus can be vulnerable if the seed is known.


This question is from the Android Enterprise Professional (Updated) Post-exam and the Android Enterprise Security & Privacy Final Exam. You can find answers to all the questions asked in both exams on our Android Enterprise Professional (Updated) Post-exam Exam Answers page and Android Enterprise Security & Privacy Final Exam Answers page.

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