Android Mobile Certification (Updated) Answers

Below you will find all the questions and answers of the Android Mobile Certification (Updated) course.

Q.1 – To _______, tap and hold an app icon, then move your finger to drag it across the screen until it is hovering over another app.

(A) Delete the app

(B) Create a group

(C) Transfer data between the apps

Q.2 – Highlight Family Link benefits by matching the features.

(A) Image 1 – Remotely lock devices

(B) Image 2 – Approve apps

(C) Image 3 – Set screen limits

(D) Image 4 – Set bedtime routines

Q.3 – At what age can a child decide to manage their own Google Account?

(A) 13 Years

(B) 16 Years

Q.4 – Think you know your Android connectivity features? Let’s find out!

Image 1 – There are three types – private, organization or public

Image 2 – Turn off data roaming in areas that are not covered by your carrier

Image 3 – Connect devices to make calls, listen to music and share data

Image 4 – Used to connect accessories like headphones to a device

Q.5 – Can you remember how to fix a device not connecting to Wi-Fi?

(A) In Settings, tap on Airplane mode and let the router rest for 30 minutes

(B) In Settings, forget the network and then try to reconnect

Q.6 – Remember your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data training?

Image 1 – Before connecting to public Wi-Fi, you may be redirected to a captive portal to log in, accept terms or make a payment

Image 2 – Uses cellular technology to allow a device to connect to the internet and transfer data

Image 3 – With Android 11, this stays on in Airplane mode, so headphones can be used on flights

Image 4 – If another device won’t connect, ‘Unpair’ or ‘Forget device’ and try again

Q.7 – What would you say to a customer concerned about exceeding their mobile data allowance?

(A) Plan when you need mobile data and make a note in Google Keep

(B) Set limits and receive alerts so you don’t go over your allowance

Q.8 – Let’s see if you can remember the steps to switch from an iPhone.

The first thing we need is a Google Account.

Google Drive backs up contacts, calendars and Photos from an iPhone.

We now need to deactivate iMessage and FaceTime on the iPhone.

Let’s get set up with the new Android phone! Switch on and choose a language and join Wi-Fi.

Finally, it’s important to choose a passcode, pattern, or fingerprint to secure the data.

Q.9 – What would you say to a user who is concerned about app security on Google Play? Select the 2 correct answers, then submit.

(A) Google Play Protect works 24/7, scanning every app and device to detect and block malware

(B) Google scans for bad apps using reviews and blocks them, 24/7

(C) Android phones get regular security updates from Google to keep them up to date and safe

(D) Don’t worry, bad apps are marked red on Google Play

Q.10 – To remind yourself how Google Assistant can help, match the query to the correct pillar.

Hey Google, call Mom – Staying connected

Hey Google, text Matt “be there in 5” – Staying connected

Hey Google, where is the nearest bakery? – Getting answers

Hey Google, how do you say thank you in German? – Getting answers

Hey Google, lock the door – Controlling your home

Hey Google, dim the lights – Controlling your home

Q.11 – How can Google Assistant help with entertainment and getting tasks done?

Enjoying entertainment – Hey Google, tell me a joke, Hey Google, increase the volume by 20%

Managing tasks – Hey Google, add popcorn to my shopping list, Hey Google, when is my next meeting?

Q.12 – A user is considering switching from an iPhone. Which of these is not a major Android benefit?

(A) Security

(B) Closed source

(C) Choice

(D) Affordability

Q.13 – Which of these popular markets has the most apps available?

(A) Amazon Appstore

(B) Microsoft Store

(C) Apple App Store

(D) Google Play

Q.14 – Select the correct response to this customer objection—“Cellular devices encourage bad digital habits in kids.”

(A) Family Link on Android devices lets parents set app limits

(B) Family Link on Android devices lets parents choose which apps their child can download

(C) Family Link on Android devices lets parents lock their child’s device remotely

(D) All of the above


These were all the answers to the new updated Android Mobile certification course. You can get all the answers to the old Android Mobile Certification exam here.

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