Before launching a paid social advertising campaign it’s best to have:

(A) a very niche audience, an idea of what you want the campaign to achieve, and one high quality ad

(B) clear business objectives, a well defined target audience, multiple ad variations

(C) multiple business objectives, a large audience, multiple ad variations

(D) at least three marketing objectives that need to be supported in order to take advantage of volume pricing


Before launching a paid social advertising campaign you should clearly define your business objective, what you want to achieve using this ad campaign, a target audience which is the ideal set of customers for your business and multiple ad variations that you need to test to find out a winner from the multiple ad variations.


This question is a part of the Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam. You can find 100% correct answers to all the questions asked in this exam on our Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification Exam Answers page.

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