Best Applications That Will Help You to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing

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Avoiding plagiarism in writing should be one of your top priorities because there are helpful ways to avoid it, even if you are in a hurry and cannot proofread your assignment properly. While you should always check your paper for accuracy and the presence of in-text citations with relevant references in the Bibliography, it is not always possible to determine whether you have paraphrased things correctly. This is where you can use various apps that will do the trick for you by providing a detailed report. Some of these tools will have various free features, while others will ask you to pay. Regardless of what you choose, it is crucial to take your time and read the reviews before you make the final choice! 

Best Applications That Will Help You to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing

– Grammarly. 

Although this company is most famous for its grammar checking, its plagiarism detection system is there as well. It is a commercial solution that has been praised in numerous reviews, yet people also complain that the final editing is a bit complex and has a steep learning curve. They also offer a basic plagiarism check feature that is good for the instant checking of direct plagiarism. Still, if you add their grammar checker to the equation, it is quite good. 

– Plagscan. 

This interesting app provides you with a detailed report as you check your content for plagiarism. It has a nice database that is used to check for similarities and their final report can be downloaded as a text file or downloaded in PDF to analyze your similarity challenges. Unfortunately, it is a paid solution, yet it provides a free trial that allows you to check things. Speaking of the great free offers, take your time to explore free essay papers as you are seeking great ideas. It will help you to add more variety to your writing, thus eliminating several plagiarism risks. 

– Hemmingway App. 

Although it is not a typical app that helps you to check things for plagiarism as you write, it is an awesome solution that can help you to paraphrase and increase the readability of your content. Before you turn to any commercial solution, use this free tool to improve your text and focus on your editing. When you check afterward with a typical plagiarism checker, your similarity report will be much better. Since it suggests various words and provides you with helpful solutions, there is no reason not to use all the free features of this web-based app! 

– Paper Rater. 

It is an interesting solution for professional content creators and bloggers who truly care for their reputations. The major difference with this app is that it scans the content of scientific databases and focuses on what has already been published in the past. While most plagiarism scanners will look through web sources, for the most part, this solution is aimed at those who would like to check medical, legal, engineering, and other academic papers in terms of originality. There is a free version of this app that allows you to check up to 50 submissions per month. The premium plan supports up to 200 submissions per month, which should be sufficient for most users. 

– Copyleaks. 

It is a great solution that makes it possible to check for plagiarism in more than one language. This one allows you to use up to 20 scans free of charge, which is a great idea to see how it works. It can also detect paraphrased content and provide you with helpful suggestions, based on your writing. This method of checking helps to learn why a plagiarism checker is important. It is one of the innovative solutions that are worth checking! 

– Duplichecker. 

If you are looking for a free solution, this should be your primary choice! It is a great tool to check for similarities and to address repetitions that may be encountered as you compose a school assignment or a business letter. It does not require an account, which may be a great benefit for those who are concerned about their privacy or sending sensitive data online. It does not seem to store information that you submit and works as a cloud-based service that simply checks for duplicates in writing.

Why We Are Avoiding Plagiarism

When you are dealing with a college assignment, serious research, or a blog post, ensure that you give credit to every idea that is not yours. It can be done with a link (a reference in a chosen writing style) or by asking the original author about the use of their content. If you are a college student, you should edit and proofread your papers to ensure that all the quotes and references have been cited properly. It is not only the best way to stay safe academically, but also a method to ensure that your professional reputation is not affected by an accidental lack of citation or self-plagiarism. Using one of these helpful tools and approaching a human assistant when you need it will help you to stay safe and achieve academic success. 


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