Beverama is a beverage company that wants to drive sales and will primarily use ACOS to measure performance. Which of the following ASINs could help them reach their goal? Select All Correct Responses.

(A) Coffee Fizz with an average 4.5 star rating

(B) Sonix Boom with 5 customer reviews

(C) Their top selling product, Tea Fizz

(D) Citrus Fizz with 50 customer reviews


Beverama should check if their ASINs follow the retail readiness checklist. According to this checklist, the following ASINs are considered to be retail ready.

(1) The product has a minimum of 3.5 star rating.

(2) The product has a minimum of 15 customer reviews.

Coffee Fizz has an average 4.5 star rating and Citrus Fizz has 50 customer reviews so, both these ASINs can help Beverama reach their goal.

Also, Beverama should advertise their top selling product because they have to spend less on advertising this product and achieve a lower ACOS. Therefore, Beverama should also use its best selling product Tea Fizz to achieve its goal.


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