Build Confidence With Self-Promotion Answers (Updated 2021)

This post provides answers to all the Check your Knowledge questions and the Topic Quiz questions asked in the Build Confidence With Self-Promotion Module from the Google Digital Garage course.

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Build Confidence With Self-Promotion Check your Knowledge Answers

In this section, you will get the answers to the Check your Knowledge questions which are asked after every lesson.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to self-promotion

Q.1 – Kira wants to master the art of self-promotion so she can use it more in work, and with her family and friends. It’s proving difficult though, as she’s struggling to get over some of the misconceptions she’s heard about it. Can you help her out?

(1) Self-promotion comes from doing your job well, so people recognise your efforts and give you the promotion you deserve.


(B) NO

(2) The more accurately you talk about your talents and achievements, the more likely the person you’re speaking to will make the right decisions about you.


(B) NO

(3) Self promotion is about promoting or publicising yourself, especially in a forceful way.


(B) NO

(4) Self-promotion can help reveal your untapped potential.


(B) NO

Lesson 2 – Explore what makes you stand out

Q.2 – Self-promotion has nothing to do with boasting, bragging or being pushy. It’s about recognising your personal achievements and what makes you remarkable. Just like in the video you watched, what qualities make you remarkable? Select as many as you like.

(A) I work hard

(B) I’m a good friend

(C) I support my colleagues

(D) I mentor others

(E) I value people

(F) I challenge myself

(G) I donate to charity

(H) I promote equality

(I) I speak more than one language

Lesson 3 – How to practice self-promotion

Q.3 – Dave’s been out of work for a while. He’s currently job hunting and just secured an interview where he’ll need to give a short presentation on his past achievements. What self-promotion tips would you give Dave to help him nail it?

(A) Write a list of all the things that make him remarkable, and be ready to talk about them in the interview.

(B) Email some friends and old colleagues and ask them to list a few things they really value about him.

(C) Practise bragging and boasting about his achievements, wealth and talents.

(D) Try some physical postures to help change his physiology and make him feel more confident during interviews and other similar situations.

Build Confidence With Self-Promotion Topic Quiz Answers

In this section, you will get the answers to the Topic Quiz questions which are asked after you complete all the lessons from this module.

Q.1 – Which of the following best describes self-promotion?

(A) Promoting yourself or your actions in a forceful way

(B) Educating the relevant people about skills and value that you possess

(C) Doing your job well so that you’re rewarded with a promotion

(D) Seeking respect from the people in your circle of life

Q.2 – Why is speaking openly about your workplace accomplishments so important?

(A) It helps make sure others like your experience and talents

(B) It helps make sure others are critical of your experience and talents

(C) It helps make sure others know about your experience and talents

(D) It helps make sure others believe your experience and talents

Q.3 – Which of the following could you do to be more confident when promoting yourself to other people?

(A) Create a wish list

(B) Create a confidence backpack

(C) Create a professional network

(D) Create a friends and family network


Here you will get 100% correct answers to all the questions from the Google Digital Garage Build Confidence With Self-Promotion module. After completing this, you should check out our answers to all 26 modules of the Google Digital Garage Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course.

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