Cami is the marketer for Google flow reports show that a high percentage of users get to checkout and abandon purchases. Tami believes the reason is that the checkout process requires users to fill out all shipping, billing, and credit card information on each purchase. Which Google solution can help make checkout much faster for

(A) Google App Engine

(B) One Tap sign-up

(C) Progressive web apps

(D) Google AI


The One Tap sign-up Google solution can help make checkout much faster for businesses.

One Tap sign-up allows businesses to Sign up new users with just one tap, without interrupting them with a sign-up screen. Users get a secure, token-based, passwordless account on your site, protected by their Google Account. This feature makes the sign-up process a lot faster and secure.


This question is from the Mobile Experience Certification Exam. You can find answers to all the questions from this exam on our Mobile Experience Certification Exam Answers page.

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