can horses ride in boats in minecraft?

How To Get Horses Into Boats Easily (Java Edition)

Aug 6, 2018 — You CAN transport horses in a boat! All you have to do is ride horse, jump into boat and …7 posts  ·  Can horses be transported in boats? I found a horse but it’s across an ocean and quite far …Best way to safely get Horses/Donkeys over large oceans?6 postsJun 26, 2013Horses not entering boats – Java Edition Support …3 postsApr 11, 2020Do horses drown? – Discussion – Minecraft: Java Edition6 postsDec 2, 2019Riding Double on Horses – Suggestions – Minecraft: Java …3 postsJun 26, 2016More results from

How to PUT a Horse in a BOAT in Minecraft (2 Methods Fast!)

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