Choose 2 targeting options that would allow you to better serve ads to potential customers who meet specific criteria.

(A) Age/gender

(B) In-Market audiences provided by Microsoft Advertising

(C) All time zones

(D) All countries


From the options above the two targeting options for serving better ads to potential customers are Age/Gender based targeting and In-Market Audience targeting. You can find the Age/Gender based targeting in the Demographics targeting option. You can use this to select the specific age and gender group for your potential customer. Example – If you are selling Anti-aging creams then your potential customers are Females over 30 years of age.

In-Market audiences are a curated list of people provided by Microsoft Advertising who have shown a past history of purchasing signals and ad clicks as well as page views on Microsoft services. You can use In-Market Audience to target customers that are most likely to click and purchase from your ads.


This question is a part of the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional exam. You can find all the answers with full explanation for this exam in our Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional Exam Answers page.

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