Chromebook Academy Level 300 Assessment Answers 2021 (Updated)

Before you get to the answers below here are some facts about the exam.

Exam Name – Chromebook Academy Level 300 Assessment.

Time Limit and Format – No time limit and the format is Multiple Choice.

Total Questions and Passing Score – 16 Questions and the Passing score is 100%

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Chromebook Academy 301 Assessment Answers

Q.1 – Although Google offers a powerful productivity suite, some customers may feel more comfortable with other products like Microsoft Office. How can customers create and edit Microsoft Office files on a Chromebook? Select all that apply.

(A) It’s not possible to use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook

(B) Microsoft Office Online

(C) Microsoft apps

(D) Office editing

Q.2 – True or False? For full access to Microsoft Office online, you would only need two things: a Microsoft Account and an Internet connection.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.3 – Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files can be edited with Office editing once uploaded to Google Drive. The files will stay in their original format when editing using which of the following tools? Select all that apply.

(A) Docs

(B) Sheets

(C) Tiles

(D) Slides

Chromebook Academy 302 Assessment Answers

Q.1 – True or False? Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology uses processor resources more efficiently by enabling multiple instruction threads to run on each core. This helps a Chromebook keep the speed up when multitasking and performing intensive tasks such as video-editing.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.2 – Chromebooks with high-end Intel® Core™ processors have a feature called Intel® Turbo-Boost 2.0. But what does the Turbo-Boost 2.0 help improve?

(A) Boot speed

(B) Battery life

(C) Performance for smooth running

(D) Efficiency and power

Q.3 – Ron is a power user so he needs a powerful processor to match his needs. What could an Intel® Core™ i7 processor do over an Intel® Core™ i5 processor?

(A) Watch videos

(B) Play games

(C) Browse in multiple tabs

(D) Run multiple processor-demanding tasks

Q.4 – Other than Intel® Core™ processors, what other Chromebook processors are available? Select two answers.





Chromebook Academy 303 Assessment Answers

Q.1 – True or False? A premium Chromebook is made up of four key pillars; 1. Intel® Core™ processor, 2. Increased memory, 3. Larger, faster storage, and 4. Fit and finish for everything.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.2 – Premium Chromebooks are built with increased memory, making multi-tasking seamless, so you can get more done. Entry-level Chromebooks start at 2GB of RAM (Random Access Memory), while a Premium Chromebook can have up to how many GBs?

(A) 16

(B) 4

(C) 8

(D) 32

Q.3 – Premium Chromebooks come designed with upgraded materials for a new fit and finish, so they look as beautiful as they perform. What can a user expect with the latest Premium design? Select all that apply.

(A) Full metal unibody sleek design

(B) 4-in-1 design: laptop, tablet, tent mode, presentation mode

(C) An additional screen to make the Chromebook screen size larger

(D) Premium sound & advanced screens

Chromebook Academy 304 Assessment Answers

Q.1 – With larger, faster storage, you can store lots of movies, music, files and more on your premium Chromebook. Premium local storage capacities are equipped with how many GBs?

(A) 32GB – 64GB

(B) 64GB – 512GB

(C) 28GB – 160GB

(D) 128GB – 256GB

Q.2 – Families love Chromebooks because they can share the laptop, play games, watch movies, and stay entertained. Why would a family want to upgrade to a premium Chromebook? Select all that apply.

(A) Edit content like video and photos faster so they can beautify their snaps and share with family and friends

(B) Collaborate with work colleagues quickly and efficiently during a busy working day

(C) Download favorite games and TV shows for those long road trips with the kids

(D) Enjoy lighter, sleeker designs with advanced screens and premium sound

Q.3 – True or False? If a customer tells you they waste a lot of time waiting for things to load on their laptop, the best premium feature to recommend would be its speedy processor.

(A) True

(B) False

Chromebook Academy 305 Assessment Answers

Q.1 – If you have lots of files on your PC or Mac and you want to transfer them over to your new Chromebook, it couldn’t be easier. In order to transfer files from your old computer, you need to…

(A) Connect your old computer to your Chromebook with a cable

(B) Upload your files to the cloud using the Backup and Sync app

(C) Connect your old computer to your Chromebook via Bluetooth

(D) Upload your files to the cloud using a cable

Q.2 – True or False? You don’t need to store your photos and videos on your Chromebook – you can store it all online with Google Photos. True or False: Uploading high quality photos to Google photos is free, or store at original size to start making use of the 15GB free storage on Google Drive.

(A) True

(B) False

Q.3 – What apps come pre-installed on Chromebook? Select all that apply.

(A) Gmail

(B) Google Calendar

(C) Google Maps

(D) Google’s Family Link

About Chromebook Academy Level 300 Assessment

This assessment is conducted by Google via the Google partner Training from Fathomed. This assessment tests your understanding of using Microsoft Office on Chromebooks, the different types of processors present in Chromebooks, premium Chromebooks and how they are different from normal Chromebooks, why you should upgrade to a premium Chromebook, how to move from a PC or Mac to a Chromebook.

This Assessment contains a total of 16 questions and there’s no time limit. You can edit and review questions that you’ve already answered. If you fail in your first try then you can retake the exam immediately.


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