Connect the data discrepancies to their possible reasons. Match each item with the correct answer.

Ensure that ad network optimization is correctly set up – Invalid ad network optimization setup

Every AdMob ad unit should have a corresponding ad unit on the third-party ad network. AdMob optimizes at the ad unit level, so, mapping the same third-party ad unit to multiple AdMob ad units can lead to ad network optimization pulling in blended performance information for how the third party is performing across all of those units – Incorrect ad unit mappings

Your AdMob reporting time zone and the third-party ad network’s reporting time zone may be different – Different time zones

There will be delays between the data shown in the AdMob reports and what can be seen on the third-party ad network’s reports – Data update delays

If there’s a discrepancy at the ad source, ad unit, or country level, there will be a discrepancy with the total estimated earnings – Discrepancies in data


This question is from the Check your Knowledge section of the “Use the mediation report” lesson from the “Grow Revenue with AdMob Mediation” unit which is a part of the Get Started with Google AdMob course.

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