Connect the following monetization models to their respective ads-supported strategy. Match each item with the correct answer.

The user is not charged for the app and understands that ads help make it free. This option is easy to launch, provides long-term revenue potential, and can be simply managed by Google AdMob – Ads supported

The user pays in order to download the app. This supposes that the user recognizes the intrinsic value of the app prior to downloading it and doesn’t foresee paying additional fees after the initial download – Premium apps

Apps that are a combination of the free ad-supported model plus the paid premium model. A free version of the app is available for download, but users can choose to upgrade to a premium version of the app with more features for a fee. This model allows you to attract a large group of users to the free version of your app, and then drive revenue by offering premium services to the most engaged users – Freemium

Similar to the freemium model that charges for more features in a paid version, this model charges for more content. Users are able to view a set amount of content for free and are then prompted to sign up for a paid subscription for continued access, or for access to additional content – Subscription

This monetization strategy relies on selling digital goods within your app. Usually the app itself is free for users, and relevant perks are offered at a fee – In-app purchasing

This model is straightforward: You sell physical or virtual goods (such as coupons) through your app, which is free to download and acts as a portal for users to discover and purchase products – eCommerce

This model segments your audience and provides a tailored experience to each segment. You’ll show in-app purchase offers to the segment who is most likely to buy and ads to the people who are unlikely to ever make in-app purchases – Hybrid: ads + in-app purchasing


This question is from the Check your Knowledge section of the “Earn money with ads” lesson from the “Meet and Set Up AdMob” unit which is a part of the Get Started with Google AdMob course.

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