Courtney Sells Handbags Through Her Online Boutique. Her Online Normal Campaigns Have Produced A Lot Of Clicks But Not As Many Sales As She Expected. How Would Google Shopping Ads Help Make Sure The Clicks The Ads Receive Come From Customers More Interested In Her Products?

(A) By appearing in more page positions than other ads

(B) By showing ads more frequently than other campaign types

(C) By including a product demonstration that entices consumers

(D) By providing product details to attract better qualified leads


If Courtney includes product details in her Shopping ads then, the people most interested in the product features would click the ad. Earlier, people would click the ad thinking that the product has a certain feature they are looking for but after clicking they couldn’t find a mention of that feature and therefore they didn’t purchase the product.

You can use Shopping Ads to include all the product features. This means that only the people interested in a product feature would click that ad. This would mean that the leads are better qualified and are more likely to purchase the product.


This question is a part of the Shopping Ads Certification Assessment exam. You can find all the answers to this exam in our Shopping Ads Certification Assessment Answers page.

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