CWOS Product – Advanced Assessment Answers 2021

This article provides all the correct answers to the questions asked in the CWOS Product – Advanced Assessment. The exam has 20 questions and you need to score 80% or above to pass.

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CWOS Product Advanced Assessment answers (Updated)

Q.1 – The core pillars of Chromebook are battery, simplicity, speed and _______

(A) Sportiness

(B) Smarts

(C) Security

(D) Dark mode

Q.2 – You can get into a terminal command system using what keyboard shortcut?

(A) Ctrl+Alt+T

(B) Ctrl+Alt+K

(C) Shift+Ctrl+T

(D) Alt+T

Q.3 – The four key points to security on a Chromebook are sandboxing, verified boot, automatic updates and _________

(A) Super Keys

(B) Data Locker

(C) Data Encryption

(D) BitLocker

Q.4 – True or False: Each Chromebook stores two versions of the operating system



Q.5 – Automatic updates happen every _______

(A) 2 to 4 weeks

(B) 6 to 8 months

(C) year

(D) 6 to 8 weeks

Q.6 – Chromebook’s Mission Statement is: ‘Empower anyone to create and access information freely through fast, secure, simple and _____________ computing’

(A) smart

(B) cloud

(C) intelligent

(D) affordable

Q.7 – What are the three main aspects of traditional software?

(A) It runs on the operating system

(B) Hard disk storage is on device

(C) It’s cloud-based

(D) It’s limited to the devices it’s downloaded on

Q.8 – What does ARC++ allow Chromebooks to do?

(A) Enable fast charging

(B) Run Windows programs

(C) Run Android apps

(D) Enable Cloud compatibility

Q.9 – What is Chromium OS?

(A) An open-source project

(B) A Google product that OEMs ship on Chromebooks

(C) A very shiny OS with lots of Chrome

(D) No one knows, it is a complete mystery

Q.10 – On average, how much time does it take a traditional PC with a hard disk drive to boot up?

(A) 20 seconds

(B) 36 seconds

(C) 95 seconds

(D) 53 seconds

Q.11 – Google Drive gives all Google Account users how many gigabytes of free cloud-based storage?

(A) 5GB

(B) 15GB

(C) 20GB

(D) 100GB

Q.12 – Which company offers the most free cloud storage for its users?

(A) Google

(B) Microsoft

(C) DropBox

(D) Apple

Q.13 – Which is NOT a way to use Microsoft 365 on Chromebook?

(A) Logging onto Microsoft 365 Online

(B) Using Microsoft 365 apps from Google Play Store

(C) Downloading and installing a Microsoft 365 program

(D) Editing a Microsoft Word file in Google Drive

Q.14 – What is a reason to download the Netflix app on Chromebook?

(A) It is the only way to watch movies

(B) You can download for offline play

(C) You can’t use Netflix in the Chrome browser

(D) Netflix doesn’t have an app on Chromebook

Q.15 – What are the 3 steps to putting Gmail into offline mode?

(A) Say ‘Hey Google, Gmail offline please’

(B) Go to Gmail and select settings

(C) In settings select offline

(D) Select enable offline mail

Q.16 – How many much RAM does a user need if they’re doing professional photo / video editing or demanding gaming?

(A) 2GB

(B) 4GB

(C) 16GB

(D) 8GB

Q.17 – What does RAM stand for?

(A) Random Accelerated Memory

(B) Random Access Memory

(C) Retro Advanced Memory

(D) Real Access Memory

Q.18 – A premium Chromebook can come with what kind of high-end features?

(A) IPS screens

(B) Plastic body

(C) Backlit keyboard


Q.19 – What are some benefits for a family to consider when purchasing a Premium Chromebook?

(A) Edit content like videos and photos faster

(B) Lots of storage

(C) Up to 6 hours of battery life

(D) Upgraded look, feel and touch

Q.20 – Which of these are NOT a component that makes a Chromebook Premium?

(A) An ethernet port

(B) Faster processor

(C) Larger storage

(D) Better build materials

About CWOS Product – Advanced Assessment

This assessment tests your understanding of the Chrome OS, what makes Chromebooks stand out, Chromebook myths, and features of premium Chromebooks.

This Assessment contains a total of 20 questions and there’s no time limit. You can edit and review questions that you’ve already answered. You need to score 80% or above to pass. If you fail on your first try then you can retake the exam immediately.


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