Dave’s been out of work for a while. He’s currently job hunting and just secured an interview where he’ll need to give a short presentation on his past achievements. What self-promotion tips would you give Dave to help him nail it?

(A) Write a list of all the things that make him remarkable, and be ready to talk about them in the interview.

(B) Email some friends and old colleagues and ask them to list a few things they really value about him.

(C) Practise bragging and boasting about his achievements, wealth and talents.

(D) Try some physical postures to help change his physiology and make him feel more confident during interviews and other similar situations.


This question is a part of the Check Your Knowledge section of the third lesson How to practice self-promotion from the Build confidence with self-promotion course. You can check out all the answers to this exam in our Build Confidence With Self Promotion Answers page.

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