Google Analytics For Beginners Assessment 4 Answers (Updated 2021)

Below you will get all the answers with detailed explanation for the Assessment 4 questions from the Google Analytics for Beginners course.


Google Analytics For Beginners Answers Assessment 4

Q.1 – Which three tags does Google Analytics require for accurate campaign tracking?

(A) Medium, Source, and Content

(B) Medium, Source, and Campaign

(C) Campaign, Content, and Term

(D) Source, Content, and Term

Q.2 – Which tags are standard Google Analytics campaign parameters? (Select all answers that apply)

(A) utm_adgroup

(B) utm_source

(C) utm_medium

(D) utm_content

Q.3 To quickly generate campaign tags, what tool should be used?

(A) The Measurement Protocol

(B) The Segment Builder

(C) The URL Builder

(D) The Goal Selector

Q.4 – Which formats may be used to add a custom campaign parameter to a URL? (Select all answers that apply)

(A) campaign = fallsale



(D) = fall sale

Q.5 – Which are examples of Goals in Google Analytics? (Select all answers that apply)

(A) Making a purchase

(B) Signing up for a newsletter

(C) Completing a successful Google search

(D) Submitting a contact information form

Q.6 – When creating a Goal in Google Analytics, which are required? (Select all answers that apply)

(A) Goal Name

(B) Goal Type

(C) Goal Slot ID

(D) Goal Funnel Visualization

Q.7 – If the Google Merchandise Store sets up a URL goal of “/thankyou” and a Match Type of “Begins with”, which of the following pages on will count as goals?

(A) /thankyou.html

(B) /thankyou.php

(C) /thankyou/receipt.php

(D) All of the above

Q.8 – Google Ads lets users advertise on which properties? (Select all answers that apply)

(A) Google Search

(B) Google Display Network

(C) Campaign Manager

(D) Google AdSense

Q.9 – Enabling auto-tagging does what?

(A) Adds Analytics tags to campaign URLs

(B) Adds Google Ads tags to campaign URLs

(C) Adds campaign hyperlinks to website pages

(D) Adds Analytics tracking code to website pages

Q.10 – What Google Ads report in Google Analytics can show which bid adjustments resulted in higher conversions?

(A) Campaigns

(B) Keywords

(C) Bid Adjustments

(D) Destination URLs

About Google Analytics for Beginners Assessment 4

google analytics for beginners assessment answers

Assessment 4 tests you with 10 questions from the fourth and final module. These are questions based on the topics “How to measure Custom Campaigns”, “Tracking Campaigns with the URL builder”, “Use Goals to measure Business objectives”, and “How to measure Google Ads Campaigns”. The questions are slightly more advanced and require advanced knowledge but, you can easily clear it with our answers.


This post provides all the answers to the exam with detailed explanation. You should check the explanation for every answer to understand the concept better. You can check out our solutions to other Google Analytics for Beginners Assessments on our Google Analytics for Beginners Assessment 1 Answers page, Google Analytics for Beginners Assessment 2 Answers page, Google Analytics for Beginners Assessment 3 Answers page, and Google Analytics for Beginners Assessment Answers artikel.

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