What can you learn from the Asset report?

(A) The identities of an asset’s conflicting owners.

(B) How much revenue an asset earned.

(C) The dates and origins of claims against an asset.

(D) The territories where an asset is in conflict.


You can learn about the identities of an asset’s conflicting owners from the Asset report.

Check the Asset report weekly to determine who’s uploading videos containing your content, the number of claims against each of your assets, how many parties claim that asset, and if there are any ownership conflicts.

This report contains information on the asset’s policy, ownership, metadata, references, and content uploaded by third-parties, such as reviews or fan videos. Check this report regularly to see if you could be potentially losing revenue on your assets.


This question is from the Check Your Knowledge section of the “Identify and secure asset revenue” lesson from the YouTube Asset Monetization course.

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