When defining a measurement plan, what is the order of steps?

(A) Business objectives > KPIs > key actions

(B) KPIs > key actions > business objectives

(C) Key actions > KPIs > business objectives

(D) Business objectives > key actions > KPIs


When defining a measurement plan, the correct order of steps is Business objectives > key actions > KPIs.

The first step in a Measurement plan is to identify your business objectives. If you are a blogger then your business objectives may be to generate more revenue from ads or affiliate, grow your email subscribers, establish your blog as an authority in your niche, etc.

The next step is to define the key actions that will help your business achieve those objectives. For a blog, these actions could be writing product reviews and adding affiliate links to it, promoting your product reviews, building email submit forms, etc.

The final step is to identify the Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. For a blog, the KPIs could be increasing clicks on product reviews, getting more traffic to review pages, increasing organic traffic, etc.


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