Which formats may be used to add a custom campaign parameter to a URL? (Select all answers that apply)

(A) www.googlemerchandisestore.com/?utm campaign = fallsale

(B) www.googlemerchandisestore.com/?utm_campaign=fallsale

(C) www.googlemerchandisestore.com/?utm_campaign=fall_sale

(D) www.googlemerchandisestore.com/?utm_campaign = fall sale


You should always use underscore(_) after utm and campaign parameter.

You cannot put spaces after the campaign parameter value like “fall sale” you need to use either “fallsale” or “fall_sale”.

You also shouldn’t use capital letters and you should make sure to use a question mark(?) separating the domain name and custom parameters.


This question is a part of the Assessment section of the Google Analytics For Beginners Certification course. You can find the answers with full explanation for all the assessment questions on our Google Analytics For Beginners Assessment 4 Answers page, and Google Analytics for Beginners Assessment Answers page.

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