Which of these scopes could be used for dimensions and metrics?

(A) Event-level, session-level, or transaction-level scope

(B) Location-level, duration-level, or user-level scope

(C) Hit-level, session-level, or user-level scope

(D) Event-level, duration-level, or transaction-level scope


There are a total of four scopes that can be used for Dimensions and Metrics.

  • Hit-level scope – It captures every view on the site.
  • Session-level scope – It is the number of hits within the time when a user enters the website till the time they leave the website.
  • User-level scope – It is used to calculate data for the views from a user’s sessions and pageviews.
  • Product scope – It is used to calculate behavior data of products for e-commerce sites.


This question is a part of the Assessment 1 section of the Advanced Google Analytics Certification course. You can find the answers with full explanation for the first Assessment in our Advanced Google Analytics Assessment 1 Answers page or you can check out the answers for all the assessment questions in our Advanced Google Analytics Assessment Answers page.

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