Del has made all of his deliveries, it’s time to head back to the warehouse. How will the bad actors try to attack him now? Select each box and enter the correct missing word, then submit.

As he drives out of the city, Del has to travel through an unfamiliar area. He uses the Safety Check feature to schedule a check-in for in half an hour’s time. Half an hour later, Del still hasn’t checked in, so the Pixel sounds an alarm to get his attention. If Del doesn’t ________ to the scheduled check-in, the app will alert his emergency contacts.

Answer – respond

Del isn’t in danger, so he responds to the check-in. He could also send an emergency message to his bosses from the Personal Safety app. Everyone in his emergency contacts would be notified and see his location on _________ Maps.

Answer – Google

And while Del might want his emergency contacts to know his location, he might not want all his apps to. Pixel lets you choose what you want to share and who you want to _________ it with, using privacy controls in your settings for each one of your apps.

Answer – share


This question is from the “Pixel 4a: Protection” lesson from the Pixel 4a unit of the Google Pixel for Business course.

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