Del’s been handed his Pixel 4a by the IT department, alongside a couple of other gadgets. Even before he leaves the warehouse, Pixel is working hard to keep his data protected. Can you figure out the correct missing word from the list below?

Bad actors looking to undermine Del’s employer tried to move his Pixel 4a back to an older, potentially vulnerable version of Android. The custom-built Titan _____ chip stores the last known safe Android version, securing his Pixel 4a and preventing them from being able to roll back the OS. It also stores Del’s password and is based on the chip used in Google Cloud data centers, but tailored for Pixel phones.

Answer – M

Having dodged the attack on the OS and unlocked his Pixel 4a, Del decides to check out his other new gadgets. To keep his Google Account extra secure, Del’s Pixel 4a acts as a ___________ key for 2-step verification when accessing his Google Account on a new device. If anyone tries to access Del’s Google Account on their devices, an alert will appear on Del’s Pixel to notify him of the activity. He’ll be aware that someone else has his details, and can block the access by selecting the option that says it’s not him trying to log in.

Answer – security

When the alert is sent to his Pixel, Del wants to unlock his phone as quickly as he can. Using Pixel Imprint, he can use his ___________ to unlock the screen. Del can also use Pixel Imprint verification to change security settings and authorize secure purchases.

Answer – finger


This question is from the “Pixel 4a: Protection” lesson from the Pixel 4a unit of the Google Pixel for Business course.

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