Distance Learning For Educators Unit Review Answers 2021 (Updated)

This exam is a part of the Google for Education Teacher Center. Before you get to the answers below here are some facts about the exam.

Exam Name – Distance Learning For Educators Unit Review.

Total Questions and Passing Score – 8 Questions and Passing Score is 80%

Exam URL https://skillshop.exceedlms.com/student/path/27925-distance-learning-for-educators

Distance Learning For Educators Unit Review Answers

Q.1 – Which of the following represent synchronous distance learning?

(A) Google Classroom assignment to create a protest poster based on a cause learners are passionate about

(B) Google Meet video call to learners while demonstrating concept using Google Slides on present.

(C) Recorded Google Meet made available through Google Drive to learners.

(D) A scheduled collaboration in a Google Document where learners choose their project topics

Q.2 – How can educators give distance learning learners feedback? Select all that apply.

(A) Comments in Google Docs, Drawings, Sheets, and Slides

(B) Google Classroom comments

(C) Google Classroom Materials

(D) Google Forms Quiz Mode

Q.3 – What are ways educators can use G Suite to engage learners and meet their needs? Select all that apply.

(A) Captions in Google Meet

(B) Recording Google Meet meetings so learners unable to participate live can view afterward

(C) Using Google Slides Q&A to encourage questions from learners

(D) Create appointment slots in Google Calendar to schedule right-on-time support for learners

Q.4 – How can educators quickly check the mood for distance learning learners daily?

(A) Have learners blog about their mood using Blogger every day

(B) Have learners create a daily Google Slides presentation documenting their mood

(C) Have learners add a mood emoji to their Google Site every day

(D) Create a check-in Google Form

Q.5 – When working with distance learning learners, how should educators chunk activities and materials for learners?

(A) Take advantage of the ability to link many digital resources in Google Classroom posts

(B) Give learners smaller bite-sized assignments and materials in Google Classroom

Q.6 – What are the benefits of Project Based Learning? Select all that apply.

(A) Narrow focus on learners completing rote tasks

(B) Learners make cross curricular connections

(C) Learners can collaborate accross grade levels

(D) Learners have opportunities to creatively express their voice

Q.7 – What are the benefits of educators recording videos with tools such as Google Meet or screen recording tools? Select all that apply.

(A) Learners can watch videos at times that make sense for them

(B) Learners can re-watch videos and learn at their own pace

(C) Learners can download video from Google Drive to watch at times when they do not have WiFi access

(D) Educators can share Google Slides and other curricular materials on their screen

Q.8 – How can educators give guardians the option of receiving email updates about their classwork?

(A) Providing updates on a Google Site

(B) Posting about individual learner progress in a Google Groups forum

(C) Enabling Google Classroom Guardian Summaries

(D) Create a Google Meet town hall for families to discuss individual learner progress

What is Distance Learning For Educators Course

This training is conducted by Google via Skillshop which tests the understanding of using different techniques to introduce Distance Learning to students. You will be using different tools from Google to create new instructional design for Distance Learners, extending your total reach to more students, helping students teach through Distance Learning without Internet Access, and communicating with families of students and sharing your teaching plans with them.

This course has seven units. The first unit is Introduction to Distance Learning, the second unit is Instructional Design for Distance learning, the third unit is Extend your reach with Google Meet, the fourth unit is Include Social Emotional Learning(SEL) in your design, the fifth unit is Think beyond the clock, the sixth unit is Distance Learning without Internet Access and the seventh unit is Communicate your plan with families.

The Course Review exam consists of a total of 8 questions and you have unlimited time to complete the exam. The certificate is valid for a period of 12 months and if you fail in your first try then you can retake the exam after 24 hours.


This article provides all the answers with detailed explanation so that you don’t just get the correct answers but you actually understand the reason behind the answers. You can check the answers to all other Google for Education exams in our Google Certified Educator Level 1 Fundamentals Training Answers page, Google Certified Educator Level 2 Advanced Training Answers page, The Coach Skills Assessment Answers page, Chromebook Training Answers page, Digital Citizenship and Safety Course Answers page, Support English Language Learners Answers page, Inspire Creativity through Learner Engagement Answers page, Google Certified Educator Level 1 Certification Exam Answers page, and Google Certified Educator Level 2 Certification Exam Answers page.

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