Do you think you can differentiate the tasks that can be done within zero-touch reseller portal and Essentials customer account?

Zero-touch reseller portal – Create customer accounts, Register a new device

Essentials customer portal – Wipe data remotely, Set a friendly name for a device


The full list of tasks that you can do in each portal are:

Zero-touch reseller portal:

  • Create customer accounts.
  • View registered customers.
  • Register devices for customers.
  • Search for devices.
  • Deregister devices from customers.
  • Create vendor accounts.

Essentials customer portal:

  • Set a custom friendly name for a device.
  • Wipe data remotely.
  • Reset device passcodes.
  • Remove devices from the portal.
  • Grant access to the Essentials portal to other colleagues.


This question is a part of the Android Enterprise Essentials: Technical lesson.

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