DotBig LTD Review

Find out how you start trading with the DotBig company. Explore the features of different account types and choose the best option.

DotBig LTD Review: Instructions on starting your first trading account

Online trading is becoming very popular as a means of generating money. We see more and more advertisements for different brokerage companies that offer exposure to various financial markets and tradable instruments. Beginning traders struggle to find the best broker for forex trading but they don’t know many important factors that must be considered. There are many cases when newbies trust and provide their personal data to scams. You can avoid this if you create a personal account with a reliable company.

Although identifying whether the company is legit or not might be complicated, it’s an essential step. If you consider working with the DotBig company, we recommend looking through DotBig testimonials, in which real traders describe their experiences. We’ve studied them and now we have a few words to say about the trading services offered by the DotBig forex broker.

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What about security

From the DotBig testimonials, we may conclude that the majority of clients don’t see major security issues when working with the broker. The DotBig company declares fighting against money laundering by implementing the KYC mechanisms. As a result, we can’t find any financial issues in which DotBig LTD could have been involved throughout 20 years of operating. 

The DotBig forex broker ensures to protect the data of clients. How does this work and how do you create a personal account for making investments and trades? Here is our step-by-step instruction.

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Step-by-step guide

  1. Getting familiar with the terms and conditions

When creating a trading account, you automatically confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions of the forex broker. It’s not a wise decision to do this without even getting familiar with it. Every new client agreement might differ from those you’ve already seen, depending on the broker’s specialization, jurisdiction, and other aspects. Terms and conditions regulate many things, including fees, commissions, and trading conditions. Also, it will be a good idea to see which means are implemented by the broker to protect your privacy.

  1. Fill in the registration form

When you are on the official website of the DotBig forex broker, in the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see the “Registration” button. You click it and the enrollment form appears on your screen. To create your account, enter all the required information, including your contact data and full name. After you confirm your agreement with the terms, you’ll be offered to pass the verification procedure.

  1. Verification of your newly created account

The broker cannot allow you to trade if your identity isn’t verified. This is an essential stage in the KYC procedure. You’ll receive instructions on how to pass this stage after filling in the enrollment form on the official website. If you’ve already done it with other brokers, you should know how this thing is processed. You are asked to provide pictures of your ID documents. This might be your passport or driving license. The broker will also require a paper that proves your address. In general, the procedure is safe and fast if everything is done properly.

The clients who write the DotBig testimonials often discuss the verification process because in many cases, it lasts too long. The broker explains that this happens due to the big number of upcoming applicants. Ideally, the broker should notify you about the end of the verification a few hours after you provide the required documents.

  1. Activating your account

Choose your account plan and activate the trading account by making a minimum required deposit. The lowest deposit is required for the users of the Basic plan. You need to fund your trading account with at least $250.

Account types

For complete beginners, it’s a good idea to consider working with the Demo account. With it, you will understand whether the conditions and trading terminals suit your needs. If you don’t like something, you aren’t required to create a real trading account. This might be a very good educational course for you. Combine it with studying the educational materials and make the most of your new experience. If you want to start trading through a live account, there are a few plans for you:

  • Basic – $250. 
  • Standard – $2,500. 
  • Silver – $10,000. 
  • Platinum – $25,000. 
  • Islamic. This is a swap-free account for Islamic clients. 
  • PAMM.

Our verdict

You are free to use this review to start your live trading with DotBig LTD. To get more insights, make sure to explore more DotBig testimonials from real clients. This might really worthy piece of information because every trader has a unique experience. Every trader can share the peculiarities that might not be noticed by reviewers who make general overviews of the brokerage service. Take your time to study real-life experiences.

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