Eric has been selling fruit and veg online for a while. He’s chosen the keywords that he feels will drive the right people to his website; now he needs to track the progress of these keywords with analytics tools. What information will analytics give him?

(A) Where website visitors are located

(B) Which website visitors turn into paying customers

(C) What content visitors interact with

(D) Whether customers enjoy the fruit and veg they buy


Analytics tools record the geographical location of a user by their IP Address. So, they can tell where the website visitors are located. If you place Conversion tracking pixels on the pages where you sell products on your website then Analytic tools can tell you which visitor has bought your product by recording a conversion. Analytics tools can also tell you what content your visitors are interacting with by showing you the pages viewed by them. You can find out what pages on your website they visit, how much time they spend, etc.


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