Eric is expanding his business by selling fruit and veg online. His website has been up and running for a while but he’s not getting many views or orders online. Eric knows he can improve his search engine results with either paid search or SEO.

Q. Take a look at the following search results screens. Where will his website appear in the search results if he purely uses SEO to improve his results?

(A) Image 1

(B) Image 2

(C) Image 3


The green lines show website positions for Organic search using SEO. Image 3 depicts the Organic search results. The grey lines show the search positions for Paid Search Ads which always remain on top of Organic positions and on the right hand side of the search engine results pages. Image 1 depicts the search results for only local searches(grey lines). These searches also appear below the maps. Image 2 shows Paid Search Ad results which are depicted by green lines. They appear at the top positions over Organic search results and on the right side.


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