Eric is keen to improve his search engine results and he wants to use SEO to do it. He’s written the step-by-step process for his SEO plan, but it’s currently in the wrong order. Can you reorder it?

The correct order for his SEO process should be

(1) Do Keyword research

(2) See where I appear in search results for specific keywords

(3) Look for gaps in my SEO performance

(4) Review results and adjust plan.


Keyword research is the first thing you should in SEO. This helps you to find the keywords you want to rank your business for. The next thing he should do is to see where his website appears in the search results for those specific keywords. This can be done using a simple search or by using rank tracker tools. After that, he should look for gaps in his SEO performance. He has to find out why his keywords aren’t ranking, is it because of the content quality, does his website have enough authority. Lastly, he needs to review the results carefully and come up with a full-fledged plan for ranking his website.


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