Fill in the blank: A content compass helps organize monthly initiatives by _________.

(A) SMART Goals

(B) Sales campaigns

(C) Inbound Marketing Campaigns

(D) All of the above


A Content Compass is a document that gives you an organized version of the direction in which your content is heading. The Content compass helps organize the monthly initiatives by SMART goals, Sales campaigns, Inbound Marketing Campaigns, Themes, Keywords, Blog Topics, etc.

In the Content Compass, the SMART goals should be clearly defined and measurable. The next thing is you should have a theme and the keywords/topics for your content. After that, you need to include the Inbound Marketing Campaigns which shows the content channels you’re focusing on like Ebooks, Blogs, Webinars, etc. Lastly, you need your Content Compass to focus on the Sales Campaigns which may include Paid Ads, handing out flyers, etc.


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