Fill in the blank: A launch pad website is ___________.

(A) a pared-down version of your existing website that is formed by cutting the majority of the content and launching quickly.

(B) an interactive design prototype built in Google Slides that allows you to collect real user feedback. After the feedback is collected, you can embark on your full website redesign.

(C) a website that looks and performs better than the one you have today but is not the final product. The launch pad website is built quickly and serves as the foundation upon which you build and optimize.

(D) a second variation of your website that you can run experiments on. When an experiment proves successful, you will incorporate it into the real website.


This question is a part of the HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Certification Quiz from Lesson 1. You can find answers to all the quiz questions from this course in our HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Quiz Answers page.

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