Fill in the blank: The purpose of the HubSpot reports library is to help you: ___________.

(A) Decide what metrics should appear on your dashboard by offering several standard reports designed by subject matter experts in marketing, sales, and services to answer industry-specific questions.

(B) Analyze the conversion rates between lifecycles or deal stages.

(C) Dig into trends and determine which initiatives are creating the highest return on investment.

(D) Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by providing HubSpot information about visitors accessing your site through the URL.


This question is a part of the HubSpot Reporting Certification Exam and the HubSpot Reporting Certification Quiz from Lesson 5. You can find answers to the main exam in our HubSpot Reporting Certification Exam Answers page and all the quiz questions for this course in our HubSpot Reporting Certification Quiz Answers page.

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