Fill in the blank: When considering expanding a business internationally, the best place to start is to__________?

(A) Use online tools to help you understand where there’s a strong demand for your products.

(B) Move the whole business to that country.

(C) Replicate your current business in as many countries as possible.

(D) Buy new domains for the country.


The best place to start in order to expand your business is to use online tools like Google search, Keyword Tools, etc. to find the best countries where there is a high demand for your products. It is not feasible to move your business to a country or replicate your business and buy new domains for every country without checking the demand for the products of your business in that country.

Example – The demand for Luxury items will be low in African countries where the Per Capita Income is low and people are unemployed. Similarly, the demand for luxury items will be more in developed countries with high Per Capita Income like United States, United Kingdom, etc.


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