Fill in the blank: When creating content you should ___________.

(A) keep your audience front of mind

(B) keep search engines front of mind

(C) never create content on other websites because you’re missing a chance to feature it on your website

(D) A and B

(E) All of the above


You should create content keeping both your audience and search engines in mind. For your audience, you should write your content in an active voice and use a conversational tone without stuffing keywords everywhere. For search engines, you should create content based on keywords, link to other authority websites and make sure to link back to some of your other posts from that content piece.


This question is a part of the HubSpot Content Marketing Quiz from Lesson 9 and the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Quiz from Lesson 5. You can check out all the answers to these quiz questions in our HubSpot Content Marketing Quiz Answers page and HubSpot Inbound Marketing Quiz Answers page.

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