Fill the blanks: When advertising internationally, you should make your business ______ to the new market, consider the ___________ and any possible ___________ implications.

(A) accessible | supply chain | legal

(B) affordable | supply chain | language

(C) exciting | customer needs | currency

(D) affordable | customer needs | legal


Before you advertise your business internationally, the first thing you need to consider is that your business should be accessible to the customers. Having a website makes your business accessible to any country in the world.

The next thing to consider is the Supply chain because if your supplier cannot produce the goods then your supply chain will break and your business will flop in those countries.

And lastly, you need to consider any possible Legal implications your business will have in the country you are trying to advertise. Different countries have different laws regarding advertising so it’s highly important that you check for all the legal implications your business might have in a different country.


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