Finding and sharing online resources is an ongoing effort to keep curriculum fresh and interesting. YouTube is a great option for finding new content, but some educators worry about searching for videos during class because it wastes time and inappropriate content might show up. Select the benefits of using a YouTube channel and playlists to address these concerns: (Select all that apply.)

(A) Playlists allow you to organize pre-selected videos so you don’t waste class time searching for them

(B) YouTube channels are automatically shared with your class so you never have to worry about your students having access

(C) Admins have to pre-approve all YouTube content that educators use so you never have to worry about inappropriate videos being played in class

(D) YouTube channels allow you to organize and share your playlists with students, parents, and other teachers


This question is a part of the Unit 1 Review of the Google for Education Advanced Training. You can find answers to all the Unit 1 Review questions in our Google for Education Advanced Training Answers page.

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