For Dynamic Remarketing, what needs to be set up in Google Analytics to collect information from the data layer?

(A) Constant variable

(B) Data‚Äč Layer variable

(C) Google Ads variable

(D) Event variable


You can set up a Data Layer variable that uses the data layer to collect information for dynamic remarketing using Google Analytics Custom Dimensions.

(1) You can create a custom dimension in Google Analytics by going to Admin > Property Column > Custom Definitions > Custom Dimensions > New Custom Dimension.

(2) You can create a Data Layer variable by going to Tag Manager > Variables > User-Defined Variables > Click New > Select Data layer variable as variable type > Set Data Layer Variable Name to destination > Click Save.

(3) You can Enable Custom Dimension in a Google Analytics tag by going to Variables > click on Google Analytics Settings Variable > click Variable Configuration > More Settings > Custom Dimensions > click +Add Custom Dimension > Enter Index > Enter Dimension Value > Save.


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