Geo-search streams are used to help you find social media conversations relevant to your brand that are happening

(A) on specific social networks

(B) in specific physical locations

(C) in your home country

(D) on private profiles or closed networks

(E) in pre-set topic areas


The Geo-Search streams feature in Hootsuite allows you to find and engage in conversations relevant to your brand or industry happening in specific geographical areas. You can add a Geo-Search stream by firstly adding a Twitter Stream and then selecting Search. You can then select specific areas by selecting the location in Google Maps and copying and pasting the geocode of that location after the Search terms you typed earlier in Hootsuite.


This question is a part of the Hootsuite Platform Certification exam. You can get all the answers to the questions asked in this exam by visiting our Hootsuite Platform Certification exam answers page.

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